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WSQ Courses

Skin Care Dynamics

Skin Care Dynamics (RF)
(Provide Advice on Skincare Products)

Reference No. CRS-Q-0031585-RET


This 2 days comprehensive skincare course will enable learners to learn and understand key knowledge involving skincare which includes:

  • Insight into the classification and range of skincare products in the Market.
  • Skincare consultation to establish customer's needs.
  • Understanding of skin types, skin conditions and skin concerns and the solutions offered in the Market.
  • Key ingredients used in skincare products.
  • Understanding of skincare routines and sun protection.
  • Understand how allergies are caused.
  • Selling skills in skincare.
Course Fee

$ 450.00

Learning Outcomes for Learners

At the end of the 2 days course, learners will be equipped with a basic understanding of the skin and skincare, handle enquires of skincare and the basic techniques to sell skincare products.

Learners will be able to:

  • Identify skin types and establish customer's needs.
  • Provide adequate advice on skincare products.
  • Understand the skincare routine and be able to answer queries on skincare products.
  • Be aware of how allergies can be caused by skincare and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Understand how skincare products are sold.

Who Should Attend

Individuals keen on skincare or employees in the beauty related industries or retail industries and anyone who is interested in knowing how to effectively sell skin care products, provide advice on skincare products and those who wish to take care of their skin to look good at the workplace and in life.

*All training will be conducted in classroom.