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WSQ Courses

Fragrance Dynamics

Fragrance Dynamics (RF)
(Provide Advice on Fragrance Products)

Reference No. CRS-Q-0031589-RET


This 2 days comprehensive Fragrance course will enable Learners to learn about and understand the required key knowledge about fragrance which will include:

  • Insight of various fragrance families and forms offered in the Market.
  • Different scents of fragrance products in the Market.
  • The Pyramid construction of fragrance notes.
  • Key ingredients used in fragrance products.
  • Understanding of Female and Male Personalities, and their choice of fragrances.
  • Understanding of fragrance routines and bodyline fragrance products.
  • Understanding of fragrance terminologies for ladies and men fragrances.
  • Selling skills for fragrances and dreams.
  • Knowledge of fragrance and layering trends.
Course Fee

$ 450.00

Learning Outcomes for Learners

At the end of the 2 days course, Learners will be equipped with a basic understanding of fragrances, be able to handle enquiries on fragrances and the basic techniques to effectively sell fragrance products.

Learners will be able to:

  • Identify the various fragrance forms offered in the store.
  • Provide adequate advice on fragrance products.
  • Understand the fragrance routine and be able to answer queries on fragrance products.
  • Be aware of personalities and the right selection of fragrances for each type of personality.
  • Understand the terminologies and the selling skills required for fragrances products.

Who Should Attend

Individuals in the cosmetics and toiletries department and administrative or support staff in the cosmetics and beauty department and anyone who is interested in effectively gaining knowledge on fragrance and the effective use of fragrance.

*All training will be conducted in classroom.