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Advanced Make Up Dynamics

Advanced Make Up Dynamics
Reference No.CRS-Q-0023087-MF


This 4 days intensive Make-up course will enable learners to understand the basic and advanced aspects of make-up application with hairstyling. In addition, they will learn how to achieve a professional personal image that projects confidence to form lasting impressions on customers.

Learners will have an insight of:

  • The use of Make-up Tools and how to prepare a make-up plan for customer.
  • Understanding of Skin types, skin tones, facial shapes and features and the necessary corrections required to enhance features.
  • Understanding of lightings and photography impact on make-up result.
  • Understanding of Make-up routines and application techniques for make up for different occasions.
  • Understanding how to co-ordinate make-up and hairstyling to complete the desired look.
  • Hairstyling for different occasions and functions.
  • Practical session on make-up and hairstyling.
  • Knowledge of Make-up trends
Course Fee

$ 1,500

Learning Outcomes for Learners

At the end of the 4 days course, learners will be equipped with advanced knowledge of Make-up applications and grooming techniques together with hairstyling for the different occasions.

Learners will be able to:

  • Identify skin types, skin tones, facial shapes and features.
  • Provide Make-up application techniques and corrections.
  • Understand the Make-up routine and apply the Make-up required to enhance personal image.
  • Adopt appropriate hairstyles suitable for client’s face shape and features to complement the occasion.

Who Should Attend

Individuals in the cosmetics and toiletries departments, administrative or support staff in the cosmetics and beauty department and individuals who need to know how to effectively present herself in grooming or wish to take the first step to become a full time or free-lance make-up artist.

*All training will be conducted in classroom.