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Advanced Modules

Style Coaching™ Advanced Skincare & Makeup Dynamics

Style Coaching™ Advanced Makeup Dynamics


The 4 days intensive Make-up course will enable learners to understand the advanced knowledge of make-up applications with hairstyling. In addition, how to achieve a professional personal image that projects appropriate corporate image, confidence with a lasting impression on others.

Learners will have an insight of:

  • The various makeup services and how to prepare an appropriate makeup plan
  • Understanding of skin types, skin tones, facial shapes and features and the different techniques of corrections to enhance features.
  • Understanding of lighting and photography impact on makeup results.
  • Understanding of makeup routines and application techniques and design makeup for different occasions according to the client’s personality.
  • Understanding of how to co-ordinate makeup and hairstyling to complete the professional look.
  • Hairstyling for different occasions, using different hairstyling equipment.
  • Knowledge of makeup trends i.e. ‘Korean Look’, ‘Smokey-Eyed Look’, etc.
  • Practical & hands-on learning.
  • At the end of the 4 day course, learners will be equipped with advanced knowledge of makeup applications and grooming techniques together with hairstyling for the different occasions.

4 days (full-time, 30hrs)

with UK Certifications